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Our Services

From Cleaning to installations, we offer the complete line of chimney services.

Installation of Fireplaces

Installation of slow combustion, wood stoves or universal wood fireplace inserts.

Chimney Repairs and Waterproofing

Rebuilding the flaunching, repointing & relaying of deteriorated brick courses. We will give your chimney stack a new lease of life that will last a generation.

Lining a Brick Chimney

Have a breach in your chimney. Lining a brick chimney will stop smoke from escaping through breaches in the brick flue. It also improve its efficiency, safety and longevity. The process involves installing a new liner inside the chimney.

Chimney Sweeping & Fireplace Cleaning

We clean & service all types of fireplaces and chimneys. Cleaned & serviced by an experienced professional, we will give your fireplace a new lease of life and heat your room more efficiently.

Chimney capping and pot/cowl installation

Chimney capping and pot installation are important steps in protecting your chimney from weather and animals, as well as improving its overall performance.


We can paint your chimneys and fireplaces to improve its appearance and protect it.

Reactivating decommissioned fireplaces

We can restore old decommissioned fireplaces from making them safe to sourcing parts which are missing. We can also install new mantles and hearths.

Extending Flues

Has your flue not been installed to the height regulation of the code, we can supply the extra lengths needed and extend your flue to what is required by the code.

Commercial Flue Sweeping

We can sweep & clean all sorts of flues from coffee roasters to laundry vents.